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6.16: Indefinidos

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    Nada, nadie, nunca

    Práctica 26B: nada, nadie, nunca (§26)

    Traducción al inglés

    1. Does everybody want something? Nobody wants anything. 2. Does she talk by phone with someone sometimes? She never talks to anyone. 3. Does he have something in his hand? He doesn't have anything. 4. Is just any person right? No one is always right. 5. Do we have to do something? We have to do nothing. 6. Does anyone have something here? No one has anything. 7. Does everybody have some problems? No one has any problems. 8. Is someone a little hungry? No one's hungry at all.


    Práctica 38A (§38)

    Traducción al inglés
    I have two brothers whose names are Luis and Miguel. Both were born on August sixth: They're twins. Both of them studied both math and agriculture. They studied both careers at the same university. But none of them exercised their profession: both of them are writers. Both Luis and Miguel were successful chess players, but now they both prefer reading and writing. Both activities are interesting to them and they work with both to earn a living.

    Ambos, todos, cada

    Práctica 38B (§38)

    Traducción al inglés
    I know each country has something special. Each is unique. Both Bolivia and Guatemala have a high percentage of indigenous people. But Spanish is the most widely spoken language in both nations. Spanish is not spoken in all Latin American countries: everybody should know that Portuguese is spoken in Brazil. Spanish is spoken in all of Cental America, except in Belize. Most of the population is of mixed race both in San José and Managua. In both cities it's hot, but there are fruit juices everywhere.

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