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6.15: Pronombres de complemento

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    Completar con pronombres

    Práctica 45 (§45)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) Did you buy a gift for your aunt? Yes, I bought it for her this morning. 2) Can you forward me that message? Yes, I'm going to forward it to you as soon as possible. 3) Did you ask the waiter for the check? Yes, I asked him for it more than half an hour ago. 4) When are you going to listen to me? I can't listen to you if you complain so much. 5) When did they steal the money from you? They stole it from us when we were leaving the bank. 6) Could you find a better job for my nephew? Of couse I can find it for him, with pleasure. 7) Did you continue to give money to your cousins? I didn't keep on giving it to them because they have a good income now. 8) Would you lend me a hundred euros? Sorry, I can't lend them to you now. You can ask her (my wife) for them.

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