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4: In Conversation With

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    An important aspect of creating photographic art is the recognition that art is an ongoing conversation that reflects not only art history but also culture, science, politics, and the world around the photographer. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know how to access and explore through research the relevant discourse and knowledge that can be used both as inspiration and as context. In this chapter, you will learn basic information literacy skills to research photographic artists and then create work that is inspired by or responds to the photographer you researched. Ultimately, students enter into a visual conversation and begin to learn to discuss photographs for their formal, aesthetic, and conceptual qualities to develop information and visual literacy skills.


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    Example Artists: In Conversation

    Dorothea Lange and Katy Grannan
    Cindy Sherman and Claude Cahun
    Dawoud Bey and Carrie Mae Weems
    Kelli Connell and Natalie Krick and Edward Steichen
    Kenneth Josephson, Lisa Oppenheim, and Xaviera Simmons
    Timothy H. O’Sullivan and An-My Le
    Josef Albers and Jessica Eaton

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