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4.4: In Conversation with Assignment

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    Purpose and Description

    Use the research and information you learned about your photographer to make compelling and creative images inspired by them. Whether it’s their style, similar locations or subjects they photographed, or even a specific way they made photographs, your audience should be able to easily identify the visual conversation you are having with the artist through the similarities between your images and theirs.

    Requirements & Assessment

    • All images must be shot in RAW format.
    • Contact Sheet using Bridge of everything you photographed for this project with the 8 you decided to print highlighted.
    • 8.5in x 11in; 5 images across, 6 rows down
    • Include file names.
    • 8 digital files – PSD or TIFF
    • Layered with your edits.
    • Named according to specified file conventions (i.e. Lastname_PhotographersLastname01.psd).
    • 8 inkjet prints you made in our digital lab.
    • Technical success of the images and Camera Raw retouching:
      • Shot on Manual
      • Subject is sharp and in focus
      • Proper exposure
      • Appropriate Depth of Field, Shutter Speed
      • ISO between 100-400
      • Correct White Balance
    • Successful compositions that address the elements of design and concept.
      • Images work together as a series.
      • Images demonstrate a relationship between concepts and visual form.

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