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2: Photography as Documentary

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    Photography was developed to create more accurate representations of the world than was possible through other art forms like drawing or painting. Culturally, the most common use of the medium is to document and share our experiences and observations of the world. In this chapter, students learn the technical skills needed to alter images so that they more accurately represent their subject. Through specific exercises, students are introduced to the retouching workflow, in both Camera Raw and Photoshop, and learn to make test strips and print images. For the chapter assignment, students consider the legacy of photography as objective while creating photographs in the style of documentary photography.

    Suggested Reading

    Cartier-Bresson, Henri. The Decisive Moment. Simon and Schuster, 1952.

    Photography as Documentary: Example Artists

    LaToya Ruby Frazier
    Zig Jackson
    An-My Le
    Vivian Maier
    Mary Ellen Mark
    Joel Meyerowitz
    Gordon Parks
    Jamel Shabazz

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