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2.10: The Decisive Moment Assignment

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    Purpose and Description

    This assignment asks you to actively observe the world around you so that you can capture the Decisive Moment. Keep your camera with you and try to take as many photographs as possible, because as Henri Cartier Bresson says, “You just have to live, and life will give you pictures.” Your images should depict scenes that reveal larger narratives about the world you find yourself in.

    Requirements and Assessment

    • 6 photographs
    • Technical success of the images and camera raw retouching: Photographed on manual, correct focus, appropriate depth of field, appropriate shutter speed, correct exposure, correct white balance, shot with an ISO between 100-400.
    • Composition: Use of formal elements of design to compose visually compelling images. Attention to edges of the frame, straightness of lines, and success in the way the camera has been used to frame subjects.
    • Images work together in a series
    • Demonstrates a relationship between concept and visual form

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