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4.1: Why It Matters- ¿Tienes prisa?

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    • Erica Brown, Alejandra Escudero, María Cristina Montoya, & Elizabeth Small
    • SUNY Oneonta via OER SUNY
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    Earlier in the course, we learned vocabulary about the classroom. In this module we’ll extend out a level and work on themes related to the university: classes, majors, and locations in higher education.

    What do these song titles have in common?

    Bomba Estéreo – Química
    Bomba Estéreo is a Colombian band founded in the capital, Bogotá, in 2005 by Simón Mejía. Their music has been described as “electro tropical” or “psychedelic cumbia”. (More about Bomba Estéreo on Wikipedia)


    Wil Campa – Mi Filosofía
    Wil Campa is a Cuban vocalist and bandleader.


    Sociología Animal – SOM ft Man (Vadebo) y Veroniké (Frida)
    Sociología Animal is a socially-focused rap group from Valencia, Spain.


    Sin Fin De Lucro – Mala educación
    Sin Fin De Lucro is a Dominican punk/hardcore band.


    Por Instinto – La Mala Educación
    Por Instinto is a punk/rock band from Madrid.


    Banda de Turistas – Química
    Banda de Turistas is a rock and pop band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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