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5.3.3: Generating a Narrative Thesis

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    Turning a Story into A Statement

    For a narrative essay, your focus, or main idea, should illustrate the importance or significance of your related experience, whether personal or not. Ask yourself what the point of telling the story is. This is how you can start to pinpoint a thesis statement. Your narrative must have happened in the past, so how does writing about this intend to inform, persuade, or entertain your reader? How will you develop, people, and detail your narrative? What support will you show and how do you intend to order your story: chronologically, spatially, or emphatically?

    Sample Thesis Statements From Narrative Essays

    In fifth grade, I and my dignity took a tumble when I had a wardrobe malfunction in front of my entire class.

    • This thesis statement would allow my essay to expand upon the event and how my reputation was affected. I could also explore my internal and external feelings after the embarrassment!

    I had no blueprint for how to escape Damascus, but the fear I had for my children compelled me to figure it out as I went.

    • This thesis statement shows that my essay will focus on the maneuvering the author experienced when escaping the Syrian war, which would be a harrowing—if not inspiring—narrative to read.