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6.20: Discussion- La chequera real

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    • Erica Brown, Alejandra Escudero, María Cristina Montoya, & Elizabeth Small
    • SUNY Oneonta via OER SUNY

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    Purpose: You will practice your listening skills with large numbers to fill out several checks for the Princess of Spain. You will also work with your peers to interpret that information from Spanish into English and from Euros into U.S. Dollars.

    Task: This activity has three parts:

    1. Choose the 5 aural prompts you want to use for this activity and fill out the checks
    2. Take screenshots of completed checks and post to the discussion board
    3. Interact with two peers on their original posts, interpreting the information

    Paso 1. Open the PDF and choose 4 transactions you would like to be responsible for.

    1. Bienes Raíces Reales: 36.000€. – alquiler (rent) de vivienda, mes de octubre
    2. Sra. Natalia Martínez: 19.500€ – sueldo (salary) de cocinera, mes de octubre
    3. Restaurante Las Albóndigas: 3.708,92€ – fiesta de cumpleaños de sobrino
    4. Sastrería Las Agujas: 7.148,50€ – reparaciones al vestido de gala (ball gown)
    5. Tintorería Las Manchas: 1.212€ – lavandería (laundry), mes de octubre
    6. Letamendi Motor: 10.914€ – alquiler de limusina, mes de octubre
    7. Depto. De Tráfico Municipal: 15.000€ – multas (fines) de velocidad y parqueo
    8. Srta. Amalia Legazpi: 20.730€ – sueldo de asistente, mes de octubre con bonus
    9. Fundación Ángeles de la Merced: 500.000€ – para huérfanos refugiados (refugee orphans)
    10. Biblioteca Municipal: 2.750.000€ – renovaciones de biblioteca infantil

    Listen to the audio files, noting the European accent, and fill out the checks on the fillable PDF PDF download of the cheques reales.

    Paso 2. Once you have filled out the checks in Spanish with today’s date, recipient, amount due (written), amount due (numerical), memo, and signature, take a screenshot of your checks and post them to the discussion board. Be sure to pay careful attention to the order of the date in Spanish: dd/mm/yyyy. Also, pay attention to where commas and periods go in large numbers in Spanish! These might feel “backwards” to you.

    Paso 3. You will look over the uploads of two classmates and choose to follow up on three of each of their screenshot uploads. You will look at the memo portion of the check and the amount portions of the check (make sure these are the same!). You will then interpret this information for a U.S. based accountant. You will need to convert the Euro amount to a U.S. Dollar amount based on the current exchange rate and write the amount in numerical form and in letters. You may use a search function on the Internet to find the current conversion from Euros to USD. Post your written response with the USD amount on the discussion board.

    Criteria: The components of this activity add up to 100%.

    Pasos 1 & 2. 40% of the points for this activity will be earned by listening to the aural prompts, filling out 4 of the checks, and posting screenshots of the completed checks to the discussion board.

    Paso 3. 60% of the points for this activity will be earned for interacting with two peers on their initial posts: you are to choose three of each of their checks and interpret the information for a U.S. based accountant. Convert the Euro amount to USD. Type this amount in letters and numbers as a discussion board comment under each respective check.


    Tim uploads the following image to the discussion board, along with three other images of filled out checks. We will look only at this one as an example.

    Sally chooses Tim as one of her two peers. She picks three of Tim’s checks that she will interpret for a U.S. based accountant. Beneath each image, she converts the Euros into USD. For this image, she writes:

    Sally: $16,274.55 dieciséis mil doscientos setenta y cuatro dólares con cincuenta y cinco centavos.

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