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6.6: Vowel Sounds with First and Second Series

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    Irregular Vowels: ួ/ េ/ ឹ/ ៀ/ ឿ

    Each vowel can have two sounds depending on the consonants used. However, there are five vowel symbols in Table 1 that are pronounced the same regardless of the series of the consonants.

    Use the audio and Table 1 to learn how to pronounce the five vowel symbols.

    Table 1
    Vowel With First Series Consonant With Second Series Consonant
    1. ួ​ (ua) សួរ (to ask)​ យួរ(to carry)
    2. េ (ee) ដេរ (to sew) ភេ (otter)
    3. ឹ​ (ə) ដឹក (to transport) ទឹក (water)
    4. ៀ​ (ia) បៀរ (beer) កៀរ (to gather up)
    5. ឿ (oeur) តឿ (dwarf) ជឿ (to believe)

    The Pronunciation of the First and Second Series Vowels

    Each vowel is pronounced in two different ways. When combined with a first series consonant, it takes the first series value (in bold), and when combined with a second series consonant, it takes the second series value.

    Use the audio and Table 2 below to learn the pronunciations of vowel sounds with the first and second series consonants.

    Vowel Sounds with First and Second Series Consonants

    Table 2
    No. Vowels IPA Examples
    1. o តុ (table)
    u លុយ (money)
    2. oo អូរ (stream)
    uu គូ​ ​(to draw)
    3. ae កែ (to correct)
    ee ភេ (otter)
    4. ai ដៃ (hand)
    ey រៃ​ (cicada)
    5. aa កា (cup)
    ia ទា​ (duck)
    6. ាំ am ចាំ (to wait)
    oam រាំ (to dance)
    7. ao កោ (to shave)
    oo អូរ (stream)
    8. au ចៅ (Grandson)
    ouw ទៅ​ (to go)
    9. ិ​​​​ e លិច (west)
    i មិនា (March)
    10. ey បី (Three)
    ii ពីរ (two)
    11. əə ភឺ (to burp)
    eu ឈឺ (sick)
    12. េះ eh បេះ (to pick up fruit)
    ih នេះ (this)
    13. ោះ ɔh កោះ (island)
    uah គោះ (to knock)
    14. ɔm ដំ (to pound)
    əm ធំ (big)
    15. ុំ om សុំ (to ask for something)
    əm ទុំ (ripe)
    16. ah សះ (to heal)
    eah ទះ (to slap)
    17. ុះ oh ដុះ (to grow)
    uh ពុះ​ (to be boiling of water)


    Record yourself pronouncing vowel sounds with first and second series consonants and then share it with your friends/teacher for further feedback.

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