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12.9.2: Check Your Understanding Questions

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    Check Your Understanding Questions

    1 .
    How did the map of Europe change under the Treaty of Versailles?
    2 .
    What immediate effect did the Treaty of Versailles have on Germany?
    3 .
    Give some examples of the world’s attempts at preserving peace in the 1920s and 1930s. How successful were they at the time?
    4 .
    How were the economy and social legislation in the early Soviet state different from the situation under Stalin’s rule? How were they the same?
    5 .
    What were the goals and effects of Stalin’s first Five-Year Plan?
    6 .
    What were the results of forced collectivization?
    7 .
    What were the causes of the Great Depression?
    8 .
    How did the New Deal help bring relief to American consumers?
    9 .
    Look at the following figure and note the changes in the geography of Europe after the Treaty of Versailles. How could some of those changes have stirred up resentments among political leaders and populations that might have contributed to the rise of fascism in the 1920s and 1930s? c2c9282cb1ed7d51ea09d05108f7650eb712f5e9
    10 .
    Which countries gained former German territories in Africa after World War I?
    11 .
    To what extent did Britain allow for greater Indian self-rule in the 1930s?
    12 .
    How did the Great Kanto Earthquake affect Japan?
    13 .
    In what ways did Turkey become Westernized?
    14 .
    How did the movies and radio create mass culture in the 1920s?

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