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12.9.3: Application and Reflection Questions

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    Application and Reflection Questions

    1 .
    How did the Paris Peace Conference and the Washington Naval Conference reestablish the international order in Europe and Asia?
    2 .
    What were the long-ranging effects of World War I on the global economy? How did actions taken in the immediate aftermath of the war influence these outcomes?
    3 .
    How did the average Russian worker’s life change under Stalin? Did workers regard Stalin as a villain or a savior? Why?
    4 .
    Is loss of personal freedom in exchange for an improved standard of living an acceptable trade-off? Why or why not? What might a Russian in the 1930s have said?
    5 .
    To what extent should a government help its citizens in times of economic crisis? Why?
    6 .
    Is a planned economy a solution to the problem of economic depression? Why or why not? If it is, should Western countries soften their commitment to free enterprise? Why or why not?
    7 .
    How do the European decisions made in the aftermath of World War I continue to affect Asia and Africa today?
    8 .
    Was the current conflict between the Jewish people and the Palestinians inevitable? Why or why not?
    9 .
    How did liberties and civil rights expand in Asia during the 1920s and 1930s?
    10 .
    What would have drawn people in China to either the Nationalist or the Communist cause? What type of person may have been drawn to each? Why?
    11 .
    In what ways were the new forms of culture in the 1920s and 1930s reflections of people’s political concerns?
    12 .
    In what ways were flappers a reaction to World War I?

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