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10: Women Artists in the 21st Century

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    • 10.1: Introduction
      The advancements in social media, mobile phones, and the internet have opened up a world of opportunities for women today. With the ability to connect with others from all corners of the globe, women can now inspire and support each other like never before. While significant progress has been made in challenging gender stereotypes, much must be done to combat sexism in online spaces and advertisements.
    • 10.2: Contemporary Figurative (21st Century)
      Figurative art based on people and stories has become a dominant part of the art world. Although figurative work has been created for centuries, contemporary styles are new, innovative, and non-traditional. Global boundaries are gone, and the standards for European-Western art are jettisoned. Figures become reconstructed, paint jumps and slashes across the image, and colors are bright and conflicting.
    • 10.3: Installation Art (21st Century)
      Installation art is a relatively new genre for the millennium defined as large-scale constructions, usually mixed media, and installed for a specified period. The artwork usually fills the space, and viewers must walk through the exhibit, often becoming part of the installation. However, some installations might be fragile or installed along a wall.
    • 10.4: Contemporary African Art (21st Century)
      Africa is the second largest of the continents; only Asia is more significant. The continent has the second largest population, with 1.341 billion people in 2020. Africa is diverse, with 54 independent countries, three still-dependent regions, and some disputed territories. The entire continent also has a very high linguistic range, with an estimated 1500 to 2000 different African languages.
    • 10.5: Architecture (21st Century)
      Architecture is the art and process of designing and constructing small and large buildings. Architects accomplish practical and expressive requirements to provide both functional and artistic ends. Contemporary architecture is a compilation of many styles with no dominant hierarchy. From traditional to highly conceptual, the square buildings of the twentieth century have given way to buildings with the look of a sculptural piece of art.

    Thumbnail: Rara Avis 24 (Courtesy of the artist, Jylian Gustlin)

    This page titled 10: Women Artists in the 21st Century is shared under a CC BY 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Deborah Gustlin & Zoe Gustlin (Open Educational Resource Initiative at Evergreen Valley College) .

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