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2: Ancient Art (45,000 BCE - 499 CE)

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    • 2.1: The Development of Art (45,000 BCE - 500 CE)
      Throughout the early stages of human civilization, significant artistic advancement was observed across various cultures and regions worldwide. From prehistoric cave paintings to the magnificent architecture of the great empires in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, ancient art serves as a reflection of our ancestors' beliefs, values, and culture.
    • 2.2: Women Artists in Early Art (45,000 BCE – 5000 CE)
      Throughout history, the immense contributions of women to the world of art have been undervalued and underrepresented. However, archaeological and historical evidence suggests that women have been creating art for thousands of years. In fact, during the Paleolithic period, women played a crucial role in creating art, as evidenced by the discovery of smaller and more delicate handprints in many caves.
    • 2.3: Women Artists in Early Art (5000 BCE - 1000 BCE)
      It's important to recognize that women have played a vital part in the evolution of jewelry and metalworking throughout history. Their contributions have been invaluable and continue to inspire new generations of artisans and designers in these fields. In many ancient cultures, women were skilled in metalworking and created intricate jewelry and decorative objects.
    • 2.4: Women Artist in Early Art (1000 BCE - 1500 CE)
      Women artists in 1000 BCE  - 1500 CE, a span of 2500 years, detail the rich and diverse art. A long and diverse history of Women artists are present in artifacts today, even if we do not know their names or exactly when the piece was created.

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