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16: Color Uses

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    Color Design Composition



    This is our final project and should demonstrate your understanding of color interaction and design principles.

    Part 1:

    Create a sophisticated color design composition. The dimensions of this design should measure a minimum of 11” x 14”. Media choices are cut paper, cut photos, drawing with color pencils and paint.

    Begin by creating several “thumbnail sketches” and presenting these concepts to the instructor before proceeding.

    Remember that complimentary colors are often critical components in two-dimensional art forms. These colors have the ability to brighten the visual field. They also, when mixed, have the ability to darken in a way that often maintains more luminosity than the traditional form of darkening by adding black.

    Part 2:

    Type and printout the design/color elements incorporated in your final assignment. Present your final assignment to the class on Wednesday, December 10.

    Artistic craftsmanship is becoming more and more critical as the semester continues. Again, are you making progress and improving in this critical area?

    Part 3:

    Take time to present your composition. Mounting board in white or black and spray mount adhesive will be available for you to use

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