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6.18: Reflexivos y pronominales

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    Pronombres reflexivos

    Práctica 47A (§47)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) My children see each other frequently. 2) I always take care of myself and that's why I have good health. 3) My cousin has the habit of looking at himself in the mirror all day. 4) We all help each other whenever we can. 5) Your beard is quite long now. Aren't you shaving (yourself) lately? 6) Don't you guys call each other every day?

    Verbos pronominales (uso)

    Práctica 47b (§47)

    Construcciones valorativas vs. reflexivas

    Práctica 47C (§47)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) I normally liked to bathe in the sea, but that day I didn't bathe because I was cold. - 2) My sister normally liked to lie and take some sun, but that day she didn't lie down because it wasn't sunny. - 3) My parents normally liked to get up early for a walk, but that day they didn't get up on time because they were sleepy. - 4) The dog normally liked to have fun with the ball, but that day he didn't have any fun because the ball was lost. - 5) My brother normally liked to paint his fingernails, but that day he didn't paint his fingernails because he didn't feel like it. - 6) We all normally liked to sit and chat, but that day we didn't sit because we felt weird. - 7) And you normally liked to stay home, but that day you didn't stay because iI forced you to go out.

    Tipos de pronominal

    Práctica 48A (§48)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) There's still some wine left; the guests did not drink it up. 2) I communicate better in writing than in person. 3) He's very upset and we don't dare talking to him right now. 4) Did you say goodbye to your grandparents before traveling? 5) I do not regret what I did: it was what I had to do. 6) Juana left without saying a word.

    Equivalentes de "become"

    Práctica 48B (§48)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) When they gave me the news about my new job, I got quite happy. 2) People went mad when the national team won the world championship. 3) I'm shy and I turn red easily. 4) Why do you get nervous with exams? 5) To many people, Bolívar became a symbol of liberty. 6) She says she's going to become a teacher in order to help her people. 7) With the storm, the sea became a frightening monster.

    ¿Pronominal o no?

    Práctica 48C (§48)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) Alba and Abel got divorced a year ago because they couldn't communicate well. 2) Abel felt tired frequently because he couldn't sleep well. 3) Alba never complained, but she used to get worried about the situation. 4) Because of all that, the used to argue a lot and the relationship deteriorated quite a bit. 5) They both made an effort to solve the problems, but they couldn't improve things. 6) Abel seduced a neighbor and Alba fell in love with a workmate. 7) Alba left the house and took the children with her. Abel stayed in the same house until today. 8) But, after a few years, they realized they wanted to be together again. 9) So they surprised all of their friends when they got married for the second time.

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