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4.4: Vocabulary

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    Questions: What is your home like? Do you have a job? Where do you work? Tell your partner.

    Vocabulary in Context


    Directions:  Roberto writes an email to Luisa. Read the email. 

    Dear Luisa,

    I love my new apartment. It has a cozy bedroom, a private bathroom, a kitchen and a dining room. The apartment is bright and clean. It is small, but there is enough space for my furniture. I have a couchcoffee table and TV stand in the living room. My bedroom has a bed with a nightstand, and a desk with a comfortable chair. When you visit, we can cook on the new stove and eat at the dining table

    In addition, my apartment is in a good location. It’s in the same neighborhood as the hospital. I am a nurse at the hospital. I like my job because I can help the patients. I work with doctorsmedical assistants, and other nurses. They are friendly, and sometimes we take a break in the break room together.

    I hope to see you soon!


    Comprehension Check

    Directions:  Read the sentences. Choose True or False

    1. Luisa has a new apartment.                                        True      False
    2. The apartment has enough furniture.                           True      False
    3. Roberto’s apartment is in a good neighborhood.            True      False
    4. Roberto’s coworkers take a break at his apartment.       True      False
    5. Roberto's apartment is near the hospital.                      True     False

    Practice 1

    Directions:  Choose the best word to complete the sentence. 

    1. If you are sick, you should go to the ____________.

      a. hospital
      b. living room
      c. neighborhood
      d. break room
    2. Roberto’s bedroom is ____________. It’s small and warm.

      a. bright
      b. private
      c. cozy
      d. clean
    3. Hong cooks dinner on the ____________ in the evening.

      a. dining table
      b. nightstand
      c. bedroom
      d. stove
    4. Fatima’s bathroom is ____________. She doesn’t share it with anyone.

      a. comfortable
      b. private
      c. bright
      d. cozy
    5. Ken and Steve live in a nice ____________.

      a. kitchen
      b. stove
      c. nightstand
      d. neighborhood
    6. We like to sit on our soft couch. It’s really ____________.

      a. bright
      b. location
      c. living room
      d. comfortable
    7. A medical assistant works with _____________.

      a. doctors and nurses
      b. break rooms
      c. apartments
      d. furniture
    8. Akshay’s living room has lots of light. It’s very ____________.

      a. bright
      b. cozy
      c. clean
      d. private
    9. There is a lamp on the ____________ next to the bed.

      a. coffee table
      b. dining table
      c. stove
      d. nightstand
    10.  When you take a break at work, you can eat in the ____________.

      a. dining room
      b. break room
      c. bathroom
      d. hospital

    Directions:  Write about your home and your work. Where do you live? What is your home like? Do you have a job? Where do you work? Write 5-10 sentences.