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7.6.3: Complete Your Preliminary Source List

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    Exercise \(\PageIndex{1}\)

    Complete Your List of Five Sources

    1. Review the list of three sources you found on your topic in the previous exercise. Do the MLA citations you noted for them look correct? Check them against the MLA formatting models in the EVC Library's "Guide to MLA Documentation."
    2. Find two more reputable sources from the EVC Library databases or an open access database and add an MLA works cited entry for this source. At the end of this exercise, you should have a list which includes
      • Your topic
      • A controversy within your topic that can be researched
      • 5 sources for your paper with a works cited entry for each one
      • A cloud, USB, or hard drive location where you have downloaded or saved the articles so you can easily access them for future reference.
    3. As directed by your instructor, share your list with a peer group or your instructor. Ask for feedback on your topic, controversy, and list of sources.

    Tips for MLA Formatting

    When using citation tools in databases, be sure to choose MLA 9th edition from the drop-down menu of choices. Check the entry's format for correct indentation, quotation marks, and italics. In MLA entries, the first letter of each major in word in a title should be capitalized, regardless of how the original title or headline is written.

    If you need help formatting a hanging indent in your word processing program, here are some websites with instructions: