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5.4.3: Generating a thesis

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    What Does a Descriptive Thesis Look Like?

    When writing a descriptive essay, your thesis statement should capture the overall impression of the scene, moment, event, activity, or piece of art that gets at the point of demonstrating your topic using description. What is the main feeling or image you wish to capture and why? How was it generated by your surroundings, and was there an epiphany that came as a result of the stimuli (or lack thereof)?

    Sample Thesis Statements

    The vivid colors and hypnotic patterns of the outdoor clothing and materials market in Paris, France's Left Quarter inspired me to dedicate my life to textiles.

    • This thesis allows the author to write paragraphs of description about past visits to a culturally and visually rich environment, making a point about how deeply the experience affected her.

    The subzero chill and loud silence of the Antarctic station left me enervated and quieted my anxiety for those three months, and I will never be the same.

    • Here the author can illustrate the experience of living in Antarctica while conveying how their physical environment affected their mental health.