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2.4: Critical Thinking Questions, Reflection and Group Activities

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    Prewriting Exercise

    1. Pick one of the following topics for this prewriting exercise. You may use free writing, brainstorming, clustering, outlining, or asking reporter's questions. Spend at least 10 minutes prewriting.

    • Drone technology
    • Social media
    • Fake news
    • Sex eduction in middle school
    • Animal testing
    • Media bias
    • Gender equality
    • Chat GPT
    • Topic of your choice

    Thesis Statement Exercise

    2. Now that your prewriting is complete, narrow down your topic to a main idea for a 6-7 paragraph essay. Look for for connections between ideas. Remember your thesis should make a claim and not be an announcement or a fact. It should be restricted, specific, concise and unified.

    Review the following video, Thesis Statement by Carol Zeitz before your compose your thesis:

    Outlining Exercise

    3. After you create a clearly defined thesis, share it with your group members and discuss each thesis statement for unity and clarity. Your thesis is the most important part of your essay that creates a roadmap for your readers and keeps you focused on the topic.

    4. Next, you'll create an outline for your essay with a thesis statement and at least 3-4 topic sentences for each body paragraph ending with a concluding statement. Remember, you are not writing a paragraph but simply creating an outline.

    5. Share your outlines with your group members reviewing each one to make sure that all the topic sentences are relevant and support the thesis.

    6. Finally, start including supporting details in your outline for each body paragraph before you write your first draft of the essay.

    Reflection Paragraph

    7. Take a few moments to reflect on your learning process. Which prewriting strategy was the most effective for you? why? Share your reflection paragraph with your group. Did others use different strategies?

    8. Did you have trouble writing your thesis statement? What strategies helped you create a strong thesis? Share with your group.