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5.7.2: Die Familie

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    Go to the Swiss family advise website Zürich Familie at: and answer the questions.


    What are the headers that this website considers to be "family issues"? How do you say the following in German?

    authorities health
    children house & garden
    emergencies on the road
    freetime insurance & budget
    parents work
    to become a mother  



    Follow at least 3 of the links (except for FREIZEIT, which you’ll deal with in detail in the next exercise) and jot down some notes what topics are listed under each.. What suggestions does the website give for one or two of these subtopics?

      Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
    Themen   Schwarzes Brett  
    Vorschläge Schwarzes Brett    



    Click on FREIZEIT, then on FESTE FEIERN.

    Zuerich Familie: FESTE FEIERN

    What tips does the Website have for a successful birthday party? For invitations and table decorationsPartying at home? What other suggestions do they make?

    Read the information about Geburtstagsgeschenk. What presents does the website mention? For whom? What do they say about the wrapping?

    What do they recommend for children? And especially for a god-daughter / god-son? (Göttikind in Swiss German)


    Follow the link REZEPTE, then KUCHEN, PUDDING UND GETRÄNKE. What recipes are described here? What are the ingredients for one or two cakes? Are there any items here that you would likely NOT see at a birthday party or other celebration in your home country?


    Webquest links

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