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5.7.1: Feste and Feiertage

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    Go to Flickr at and type in Familie & Feste in the blank.


    Click on several German-language images that come up after this search, and look at the pictures.

    a. What celebrations are recorded in these photos? Select any that you find during your search, and feel free to add more choices!
      checkbox Taufe checkbox Sommerfest checkbox Karneval checkbox Abschlussfeier
      checkbox Hochzeit checkbox Geburt checkbox Weihnachten checkbox Muttertag
      checkbox Geburtstag checkbox Neujahr checkbox Ostern checkbox Freitag, der 13.
    b. What events warrant photo-documentation for these German individuals? Are these the same or different from events you consider important?
    c. What do people do in these images? What clothes do they wear? Where are they? With whom do they celebrate?
    d. What do you notice about the surroundings? The buildings, the colors, the lighting, the use of plants, flowers, decorations? Are these similar to or different from how these aspects are used in your own culture?
    e. What vocabulary do you think is important for talking about these events (sometimes the images are described briefly, otherwise there won’t be much language, but remember: a picture is worth a 1000 words! Smiley face
    f. Select a picture you particularly like, and using the name of the person who posted it, as well as any descriptors they provide, describe the picture in 5-8 sentences. Wen sieht man im Bild? Was machen diese Leute? Wo sind diese Leute? Was feiern sie?

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