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    The verb essen is irregular in the present tense. Like many other irregular verbs, it changes the stem vowel in the second and third person singular forms (du and er/sie/es).

    essen • to eat
    ich esse wir essen
    du isst ihr esst
    er/sie/es isst sie essen

    die böse Königin Was isst du, Heidrun? What are you eating, Heidrun?
    die alte Hexe Ich esse einen Apfel. Äpfel sind sehr gesund! am eating an apple. Apples are very healthy!
    die böse Königin Tja, meistens schon, aber du sollst vorsichtig sein. Ich habe neulich eine Geschichte gelesen: Eine junge Frau isst einen Apfel und fällt sofort tot um! Tragisch, sage ich dir ... Ach, wen interessiert's? Was essen wir zu Abend? Well, most often yes, but you should be careful. I read a story recently: a young woman eats an apple, and falls immediately to the ground, dead! Tragic, I tell you ... Ah, who cares? What are we eating for dinner?


    Helpful hint: in a dictionary, irregular verbs are marked as irreg. They are usually listed in the back of the dictionary, with their irregular forms (some verbs are irregular in the past tense, but not in the present tense, etc.).

    related words
    das Essen meal
    die Esskultur gastronomy
    der Esstisch table
    essbar edible
    das Esszimmer dining room

    fun phrases
    sie isst mit sehr langen Zähnen she's eating really slowly
    (because she doesn't like the food)
    sie hat ihr Mittag rückwärts gegessen she threw up her lunch
    zu Abend essen to eat dinner (supper)
    er isst die Speisekarte rauf und runter! he is eating everything from the menu!

    This page titled essen is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Zsuzsanna Abrams and co-workers (Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning) .

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