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8: Millennial Art (2000-Present)

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    • 8.1: Introduction
      With the advent of the twenty-first century, communication, transportation, and supply chain integration created a truly global world. No one country is isolated from events happening throughout the world. One of the major issues confronting the global population is climate change and its effects on the environment and how people and animals survive.
    • 8.2: Installation Art
      Installation art is a relatively new genre for the millennium defined as large-scale constructions, usually mixed media, and installed for a specified period. The artwork usually fills the space, and viewers must walk through the exhibit, often becoming part of the installation.
    • 8.3: Contemporary African Art
      Africa is the second-largest of the continents; only Asia is larger. The continent is also the second-largest in population, with 1.341 billion people in 2020. Africa is diverse with 54 independent countries, three still dependent regions, and some disputed territory.
    • 8.4: Architecture for the 21st Century
      Architecture is the art and process of designing and constructing buildings, both small and large. Architects accomplish practical and expressive requirements to provide both functional and artistic ends. Contemporary architecture is a compilation of many styles with no dominant hierarchy.
    • 8.5: Contemporary Figurative
      Figurative art based on people and stories has become a dominant part of the art world. Although figurative work had been created centuries, the contemporary styles are new, innovative, and non-traditional. Global boundaries are gone, and the standards for European-Western art are jettisoned.
    • 8.6: Conclusion

    Thumbnail:  Dreams Realized (Courtesy of the Artist) (Hand dye-painted, machine quilted, 100% cotton fabric, polyester/wool batting, polyester threads, 106 x 162 cm)

    This page titled 8: Millennial Art (2000-Present) is shared under a CC BY 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Deborah Gustlin & Zoe Gustlin (ASCCC Open Educational Resources Initiative) .

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