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      This integrated reading and writing textbook is designed to help students communicate effectively by reading mindfully, writing meaningfully, and analyzing issues critically—all life skills that will help them not only in this class, but in all other aspects of their lives as well. We hope to engage them in reading a variety of genres, writing clearly and thoughtfully, making coherent arguments, creating multimodal presentations, engaging in independent inquiry, and conducting effective research
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      Instructors can adopt existing LibreTexts texts or Remix them to quickly build course-specific resources to meet the needs of their students. Unlike traditional textbooks, LibreTexts’ web-based origins allow powerful integration of advanced features and new technologies to support learning.
    • Table of Contents
      Table of contents.
    • About The Book
      This book was funded by the EVC president's OER initiative.  As part of EVC’s focused work advancing opportunity, equity, and social justice, the initiative aims to promote the development of a more robust collection of Open Educational Resources (OER) to support EVC’s faculty instruction and student learning.
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      This text is designed for a first-year composition course intended for English 1A students. It is divided into 11 chapters, dedicated to addressing different aspects of the writing process from critical reading strategies and developing cohesive essays to writing the academic research paper. Each chapter can be utilized separately or in conjunction with other chapters. The last chapter is a database of texts for supplemental college-level reading and writing integration.

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