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    Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 2.49.24 PM.png

    Observe the writing that others do. Use a pattern or template to help you learn structure. There is nothing wrong with that! Before you

    know it, quality work will be second nature to you.


    Use this structure to help you focus upon a reading.

    image copy.jpg


    Written by a student author


    While on a trip with my family, I decided to walk on the beach. As I walked along the shore, the cold breeze brushed my cheeks and my hands were cold. I shaped my hands in a cusp and placed it around my mouth to blow warm air coming from my mouth. I was feeling the warm comfort of my mouth throughout my body. I watched a couple run with their dog. The dog’s tongue was hanging out of its mouth running beside its owner, maybe a tad thirsty. As I continued to take this walk on the beach, I gathered seashells and placed them in a red small bucket that I brought with me, white seashells with beautiful different shade of colors and its unique shape. Many seashells were washed ashore. Also, I was collecting small and medium sized pebbles. I have always been fond of collecting pebbles in my younger years. I love how each pebbles are created by Mother Nature. I have always wondered where they have traveled from, near or far from the ocean. I could feel the cool sand on my feet. The sands felt smooth running between my toes. It’s like flour being sifted through a fine-hole strainer. I have always enjoyed digging my feet deep into the sands. The smooth feeling is like floating on soft air. Later on that evening, my family and I decided to build a bonfire. I just love the smell of the wood burning. I can hear the wood popping while the fire is picking up in big flames with the wind blowing through it. It’s time to break out the marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate because it’s S’mores’ time, my favorite part to do with all the kids in front of the fire as I am sitting on my beach chair, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful fire. Now that I shared my time with the kids in front of a beautiful bonfire, I continued on walking at beach heading back to the rental home.


    Ask yourself, “What is the prompt asking?”

    Make a Plan

    My topic:

    1. Focus Statement/thesis:

    2. Main Points:




    3. Conclusion

    Develop your essay based upon your plan

    Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 2.57.32 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 2.59.42 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 3.00.30 PM.png


    Kool-Aid, Oh yeah!

    It has been said that Kool-Aid makes the world go 'round. Let it be advised, however, that without the proper tools and directions, the great American beverage is nothing more than an envelope of unsweetened powder. There are five simple steps to create this candy-tasting concoction.

    Picking the proper packet of flavoring is the first step in making Kool-Aid. Check the grocer's shelf for a wide variety, ranging from Mountain Berry Punch to Tropical Blue Hawaiian. If it is a difficult decision for you, knock yourself out and buy two. The packets usually run under 65 cents.

    After choosing the flavor that best suits your taste buds, the second step is making sure that your kitchen houses some necessary equipment for making the Kool-Aid. Find a two-quart pitcher. Plastic is nice, but glass pitchers allow the liquid to shine through and add festive coloration to any refrigerator shelf. Next, find a long- handled wooden spoon, a one-cup measuring cup, a water faucet that spouts drinkable water, usable white sugar, and an ice cube tray full of ice. Then, you are ready to mix.

    Third, grab the left edge of the Kool-Aid packet between your thumb and index finger. With your other hand, begin peeling the upper-left corner until the entire top of the envelope is removed. Next, dump the contents of the envelope into the pitcher. Notice how the powder floats before settling on the bottom of the pitcher. Then, take the measuring cup and scoop two cups of sugar into the pitcher as well. At this point, adding the water is a crucial step. Place the pitcher under the water faucet and slowly turn on the cold water. If the water is turned on too quickly, powder will fly all over when the initial gusts of water hit. After the pitcher is filled within two inches of the top, turn the water off and get prepared to stir. With the wooden spoon submersed three-quarters of the way in the liquid, vigorously stir in a clockwise motion until all of the powder is dissolved. Taste it. If the Kool-Aid is not sweet enough, feel free to add more sugar.

    Finally, when you are finished seasoning the Kool-Aid to your liking, rinse off the spoon and the measuring cup. Take a glass from the cupboard. An eight-ounce glass is usually sufficient, but stronger thirsts might prefer a 32-ounce mug. Add ice and then fill the glass with Kool-Aid. Find a comfortable chair, put your feet up, and

    drink away. After all, Kool-Aid makes the world go 'round.


    Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 3.02.25 PM.png





    • Hook

    • Your Point of View

    • Thesis

    Body Paragraph #1

    • Topic Sentence

    • Details

    Body Paragraph #2

    • Topic Sentence

    • Details

    Body Paragraph #3

    • Topic Sentence

    • Details


    • Thesis restated

    • Thought provoking OR humorous ending





    Circle unknown words



    Mark Definitions



    Mark Examples



    Number lists, causes, reasons or events



    Asterisk important parts



    Mark confusing passages



    Make notes to yourself*



    Mark possible test items



    Arrows – show relationships



    Note disagreements or similarities














    C. TEMPLATES & EXAMPLES is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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