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5.2: Learning log / study guide

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    Learning Log – Ventanas – Lesson 5

    You can use this learning log to guide you through your learning journey. 

    This is a list of can do statements that you will be working towards checking off in this lesson. For each one, list two things you did to learn the material. Be aware that you may need many more than two for some of the topics. Do as many as you need to until you are confident that you know the material well enough to get the grade you would like on the exam and to reach the stated objective. There are often links in the book to websites that have exercises to help you practice the topic on that page.  There are two parts to this assignment.

    Part I

    1) I can tell what I and others like and dislike using the verb ¨gustar¨. (studyspanish, language&culture, Me gustas tú)



    2) I can identify sports and the equipment needed to play them. I can identify a sport from a description. ( – ocio (under deportes), Abre....spanishdict)



    3) gramática – I can conjugate the verb ¨jugar¨ and other stem-changing verbs (studyspanish3:28 (note that it says there are three groups, but there is also the u>ue that we only see with the verb “jugar,” studyspanish3:29, spanishlanguage&culture, Abre....spanishdict)


    4) vocabulario y gramática – otras actividades (slide 11) – I can talk and write about the activities I do and how often. I can tell which I like and dislike.  - (ver-taal act de ocio1, act de ocio2, Abre... spanishdict)


    5) I can use question words to ask a variety of questions. (textbook – Come up with your own examples, studyspanish1:20, Abre el mundo...spanishdict)


    Part II

    1.       Listening – 3 activities – please list them (recommendation – – Consonant: rr, Stress, Intonation: Information Questions)


     2. Speaking – Pronunciation – 1 activity (recommendation: repeat what you hear in exercises above)


    3.       Reading – 1 reading of at least one paragraph in Spanish, a fill in the blank exercise can count. Just make sure you are paying attention to the meaning as well as the conjugations. (recommendation – Abre el MundoVentanas culturales- Béisbol: El deporte nacional de Cuba, Flangoo - José Altuve )



    3.       Writing – at least ten complete sentences in Spanish. I can write about sports and free time activities. Suggestions for topics:

    Do you like sports? Which is your favorite? Do you play any? Do you watch them in person or on TV? What other things to you do in your free time? What do you like and dislike? Use some stem-changing verbs in contexts that have meaning to you.


    4.       Culture – I can write about Hispanic Culture. Look up something about Hispanic culture and summarize your findings in at least 5 sentences. Then write your observations, comparisons, analysis, perception, or opinion about the information. Please write about a specific topic instead of just listing random, unrelated facts. (recomendaciones – deportes y otras actividades) Here are some duolingo podcasts on the topic of sports: Episode 135: Una victoria en la cancha, Episode 133: Las cholitas de hoy, Episode 112: Climate Heroes - Biking in Spain, Episode 97: El ciclista nómada, Episode 95: Un viaje en ruedas, Episode 81: La lucha libre de hoy, Episode 73: Una cancha para ellas, Episode 52: Otro camino hacia la victoria, Episode 44: Estar en las nubes, Episode 34: Igualdad en la pista

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