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5.2: Links and Attributions

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    Special thanks to the Microsoft Corporation for their contribution to our site. The information above came from Microsoft Encarta. Here is a hyperlink to the Microsoft Encarta home page.
    About the Master Lao Tzu and His Teachings:
    Master Meaning Power Quietude Values Conclusion Tao Te Ching 1 Tao Te Ching 2

    Taoism: Introductions

    Basics of Taoism Basics of Taoism along with fundamental resources for additional information.
    [One-page simple summary from the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.]
    Taoism, or the Way
    [An academic introduction written by Judith A. Berling for Focus on Asian Studies, a publication of the Asia Society.]
    About Alternative Religions (Taoism)

    Taoism: History and Canon

    The Taoist Canon: A Guide to Studies and Reference Works Note: This server may be unavailable from time to time. If so, try again later. ~
    [Fabrizio Pregadio’s scholarly guide provides useful information about the canon, its categories, and individual texts. The version of the Guide that is linked requires no Chinese language skills. If you are skilled in reading characters and have your browser set to represent them properly via Big5, you can select an alternative version of the files once you have connected to Dr. Pregadio’s Chinese and Asian Studies site.]

    Taoism: Images, Books, and Bibliographies

    Recommended Reading
    [A basic list of recent books in English. Recommended for beginners, students, and others who want more detailed information and more advanced interpretation of Taoism.]

    Background: Chinese History and Culture

    Calabash Gate: In a Calabash, a Chinese Myth of Origins
    [An introduction and translation by Stephen L. Field of Trinity University. Requires patient attention.]
    Classical Historiography for Chinese History
    [An extensive set of resources, some of them for advanced students, provided by Professor Benjamin A. Elman at the University of California at Los Angeles.]
    Condensed China
    [Chinese History for Beginners, provided by Paul Frankenstein, is not a complete history of China, but is an very useful “greatest hits” or “Cliff’s Notes” that is an excellent starting-point for the beginner or quick review for the old hand who happens to be forgetful. The information is divided into the following sections for easy access: Introduction, The Origins of Chinese Civilization, The Early Empire, The Second Empire, The Birth of Modern China, and Bibliography.]
    Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
    [A large set of linked resources on China, its cultures and religions, in the context of its geographical setting.]

    Taoist web sites:

    Jeff Rasmussen’s Tao Te Ching web site features an illustrated Tao Te Ching, an introduction to Taoism, and links. See:
    Bill Mason’s Taoism Page is at: This web site emphasizes the practical application of the Tao to everyday life.
    Maury Merkin, “Daoism in brief,” is at: This website offers a brief introduction to Taoism and a glossary of terms.
    “The Taoist Canon: A guide to studies and reference works” at:
    The “Taoism Information Page” is at:
    The “Taoism Depot” contains a Taoism discussion forum, live chat and a wide range of resources. See:
    Western Reform Taoism has an excellent web site which publishes their creed and beliefs on dozens of important topics. See:
    The Taoist Restoration Society (TRS) is “a U.S. nonprofit corporation dedicated to the rehabilitation and rebirth of China’s Taoist tradition.” See:
    Taoism information page
    Virtual Library Information Page
    University of Florida – Historical outlines and summary
    Information on Taoism supported by captioned texts
    Academic Resources
    The Center of traditional Taoist studies: a non-profit religious organization established to encourage traditional Taoist studies. The Center offers four integrated programs to provide the introductory knowledge required to be a student of Tao; Martial Arts & Chi Quong to train the body and The Yin and Yang of Meditation and Philosophy to provide training for the mind.
    Emphasizing the application of the Tao to everyday life.
    Sacred Texts:
    The Abode of the Eternal Tao
    Taoism Information Page
    EAWC Anthology: The Art of War
    CONTRIBUTORS: Judith Grote (2001) Donaldo Osorio(2001)
    © Copyright Philip A. Pecorino 2001. All Rights reserved.

    Web Surfer’s Caveat: These are class notes, intended to comment on readings and amplify class discussion. They should be read as such. They are not intended for publication or general distribution.

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