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9.E: Chapter Eight (Exercises)

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    Exercise \(\PageIndex{1}\): Fallacies of Induction

    Identify the fallacy of weak induction being illustrated by each. Remember that “no fallacy” is always an option. Try to decide whether this is good reasoning or not.

    A. There haven’t been any studies about the connection between this genetic mutation and breast cancer, so I choose to believe that it is that gene that caused my cancer.

    B. If we don’t stop them from outlawing bump stocks and large clips, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll take every single gun!

    C. Nevermind that study showing a lack of correlation between this herb and increased health. I already know that it helps repair bones and prevent genetic damage, so that study must be faulty.

    D. If we allow them to enforce drug laws in any way, pretty soon they’ll decimate the community by jailing everyone for possession of even benign drugs.

    E. I saw three kids outside the convenience store just up to no good. All kids these days have no respect.

    F. I’ve been regularly riding my bike lately and I was just diagnosed with cirrhosis. I guess I have to stop riding my bike.

    G. I know that aliens regularly visit us, so that strange experience I had last night must have been aliens.

    H. I’m pretty sure that gravity explains why things tend to fall down toward the Earth, so that physical theory which suggests that it isn’t gravity should be treated with suspicion.

    I. We don’t have great evidence about the beginning of the universe, so it must’ve started all at once with a big bang where a singularity exploded, creating time and space as well as all matter and energy.

    J. Once we allow students to have some say in their education, they’ll demand control over every aspect of their schooling and we’ll lose control entirely.

    K. I know he’s a bad person, so the fact that he has been nothing but pleasant and kind and forthright to me for the past decade must be explained by the fact that he is trying to manipulate me.

    L. I had an experience that I couldn’t explain, so it must have been a ghost or a demon haunting me.

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