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1.3: A New Flower

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    Learning Goals

    In this chapter, you will learn to:

    • Print the alphabet in lower case letters
    • Hear, read, and write words with a short /o/ and a short /u/
    • Copy short sentences
    • Read common sight words in a paragraph
    • Answer questions about a story
    • State an opinion about a reading
    • End a sentence with a period or question mark

    Talk About It

    • Do you have any grandparents? What will you always remember about them?

    Picture Dictionary

    Use the pictures to help you figure out the words.
    grandma-196x300.png plane-300x158.png flowers-300x198.jpg
    grandma plane flowers
    garden-300x150.png club-300x300.png know-300x230.jpg
    garden club know
    long-300x150.png time-300x300.png home-300x270.png
    long time home
    Practice reading these words without the pictures.
    time garden smile home club
    flowers long know plane grandma

    Word Skills

    Word Patterns

    The letters a, e, i, o, and u are called vowels. The letter o makes an /o/ sound like in octopus.

    The letter o says /o/ like in octopus.
    Match each word to a picture.
    log mop dot jog hot
    cot cop pot top box
    policeman-303443_640-187x300.png cardboard-box-161578_640-300x165.png mop-42361_640-300x297.png
    1. ____________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________
    dice-312625_640-300x300.png topspin-304298_640-300x257.png cot-312131_640-300x169.png
    4. ____________ 5. ____________ 6. ____________
    runner-579328_640-200x300.jpg cooking-pot-146459_640-300x189.png tree-576846_640-300x150.png
    7. ____________ 8. ____________ 9. ____________
    10. ____________

    Word Patterns

    The letter u says /u/ like in up.

    The letter u says /u/ like in up.
    Match each word to a picture.
    sun mud rug mug pup
    bug cup gum nut
    dog-34289_640-221x300.png acorn-150258_640-300x241.png bug-369229_640-300x200.jpg
    11. ____________ 12. ____________ 13. ____________
    puddle-114348_640-300x225.jpg sun-147426_640-296x300.png bubblegum-154057_640-268x300.png
    14. ____________ 15. ____________ 16. ____________
    rug-576081_640-300x150.png cup-661972_1280-200x300.jpg coffetogo-50734_1280-212x300.jpg
    17. ____________ 18.____________ 19. ____________
    Pick the word that matches the picture.
    20. mop-42361_640-300x297.png mup mop
    21. bug-369229_640-300x200.jpg bug bog
    22. bubblegum-154057_640-268x300.png gum gom
    23. runner-579328_640-200x300.jpg jog jug
    24. cup-25180_640-150x300.png cop cup
    25. cardboard-box-161578_640-300x165.png bux box
    Check your work with the Answer Key at the end of this chapter.
    Read these sentences. Practice writing the words. Begin with an upper case letter.
    The mug is hot.
    Is this gum on the rug?
    Can you mop up the mud?
    The pup had a nap on the cot.
    The cop sat on the log.
    Ask your instructor to check your work.

    You will see these words in the story. They all have the /o/ sound like octopus.

    lot not on

    You will see these words in the story. They all have the /u/ sound like up.

    clubs but hunt

    Use Your Reading Skills

    Listen to A New Flower. Then read A New Flower in BC Reads: Adult Literacy Fundamental English – Reader 1.

    An audio element has been excluded from this version of the text. You can listen to it online here:

    Check Your Understanding

    1. Who goes on a plane for the first time?
    ________________ goes on a plane for the first time.

    2. What does the grandma see that she has never seen before?
    The grandma sees a ________________.

    3. What three things do men do back home?
    Back home, men ________________, ________________, and ________________.

    4. What makes Dave different from the men back home?
    Dave is different from the men back home because he knows about ________________.

    5. Do you think the grandma likes Dave? Why or why not? Discuss with a classmate.


    Below are all the letters of the alphabet. They are in upper case. Write each letter in lower case. The first one is done for you.
    A ___a___ B _______ C _______ D _______
    E _______ F _______ G _______ H _______
    I _______ J _______ K _______ L _______
    M _______ N _______ O _______ P _______
    Q _______ R _______ S _______ T _______
    U _______ V _______ W _______ X _______
    Y _______ Z _______
    Check your work with the Answer Key at the end of this chapter.

    Grammar Rule

    A sentence can be a question or a statement.

    A question asks for information. It ends with a question mark.

    What is your name? – YES

    What is your name – NO

    What is your name. – NO

    A statement gives information. It ends with a period.

    My name is Ted. – YES

    My name is Ted – NO

    Writing Task

    Think of a time when you acted differently from how people expect a man or woman to act. Tell the story to your instructor. Your instructor will write down your words. Then copy your story into your notebook.

    When you are done, read your story.

    • Did you begin each sentence with an upper case letter?
    • Did you end each sentence with a period or question mark?
    • Are you missing any words?

    Answer Key

    Word Skills
    1 cop
    2 box
    3 mop
    4 dot
    5 top
    6 cot
    7 jog
    8 pot
    9 log
    10 hot
    11 pup
    12 nut
    13 bug
    14 mud
    15 sun
    16 gum
    17 rug
    18 mug
    19 cup
    20 mop
    21 bug
    22 gum
    23 jog
    24 cup
    25 box
    Check Your Understanding
    1 The grandma
    2 flower
    3 hunt, fish, farm
    4 flowers
    A a
    B b
    C c
    D d
    E e
    F f
    G g
    H h
    I i
    J j
    K k
    L l
    M m
    N n
    O o
    P p
    Q q
    R r
    S s
    T t
    U u
    V v
    W w
    X x
    Y y
    Z z


    See the Attributions page near the end of this book.

    This page titled 1.3: A New Flower is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Shantel Ivits (BCCampus) .

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