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1.2: Sweetgrass

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    Learning Goals

    In this chapter, you will learn to:

    • Print the alphabet in upper case letters
    • Hear, read, and write words with a short /a/ and a short /i/
    • Copy short sentences
    • Read common sight words in a paragraph
    • Answer questions about a story
    • Complete sentences with original ideas
    • Begin a sentence with an upper case letter

    Talk About It

    • What are some ways that plants help people?

    Picture Dictionary

    Use the pictures to help you figure out the words.
    hurt-150x300.png street-300x300.png Braid_StepBystep-300x213.jpg
    hurt street braid
    house-48916_640.png grass-309733_640-300x280.png break-300x225.png
    house grass break
    feelings-300x200.jpg bend-300x200.jpg walk-300x233.png
    feelings bend walk
    Practice reading the words without the pictures.
    street house walk bend break
    hurt grass roots braid feelings

    Word Skills

    Word Patterns

    The letters a, e, i, o, and u are called vowels. The letter a says /a/ like in apple.

    The letter a says /a/ like in apple.
    Match the word to the picture.
    cap sad rat sat
    fat map mad nap
    map-300x234.png rat-312046_640-242x300.png nap-157x300.png
    1. ____________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________
    mad-180x300.png hat-295184_640-300x300.png sit-219x300.png
    4.____________ 5.____________ 6. ____________
    fat-300x263.png face-640436_640-300x200.png
    7. ____________ 8.____________

    Word Patterns

    The letter i says /i/ like in itch.

    The letter i says /i/ like in itch.
    Match the word to the picture.
    lip wig rip
    hit fin dig
    shovel-575661_640-292x300.png baseball-150324_640-300x278.png hair-310732_640-300x251.png
    9. ____________ 10. ____________ 11. ____________
    shredded-paper-27849_640-278x300.png killer-whale-406707_640-300x225.jpg lip-gloss-151266_640-300x150.png
    12. ____________ 13. ____________ 14. ____________
    Pick the word that matches the picture.
    15. rat-312046_640-242x300.png rit rat
    16. killer-whale-406707_640-300x225.jpg fan fin
    17. nap-157x300.png nap nip
    18. hair-310732_640-300x251.png wag wig
    19. face-640436_640-300x200.png sad sid
    20. fat-300x263.png fit fat
    Check your work with the Answer Key at the end of this chapter.
    Read these sentences. Practice writing them.
    The rat had a nap.
    The map has a rip.
    He has a fat lip.
    She sat on the cap.
    I am mad.
    Ask your instructor to check your work.

    You will see these words in the story. They all have the /a/ sound like apple.

    Max at grass
    asks after that
    away bad happy

    You will see these words in the story. They all have the /i/ sound like itch.

    live kids in
    is pick it
    if this will

    Use Your Reading Skills

    Listen to the story Sweetgrass. Then read Sweetgrass in BC Reads: Adult Literacy Fundamental English – Reader 1.

    An audio element has been excluded from this version of the text. You can listen to it online here:

    Check Your Understanding

    Circle yes if the sentence is right. Circle no if the sentence is wrong.
    1. Dan used to live on the street. yes no
    2. Max and Dan are both Cree. yes no
    3. Sweetgrass is tall. yes no
    4. Sweetgrass breaks when you step on it. yes no
    5. Max and Dan eat the sweetgrass. yes no
    6. Dan says sweetgrass takes away bad feelings. yes no


    Below are all the letters of the alphabet. They are in lower case. Write each letter in upper case. The first one is done for you.
    a ___A___ b _______ c _______ d _______
    e _______ f _______ g _______ h _______
    i _______ j _______ k _______ l _______
    m _______ n _______ o _______ p _______
    q _______ r _______ s _______ t _______
    u _______ v _______ w _______ x _______
    y _______ z _______
    Check your work with the Answer Key at the end of this chapter.

    Grammar Rule

    Always use an upper case letter at the beginning of a sentence.

    She has a red wig. – YES

    she has a red wig. – NO

    Writing Task

    What makes you feel better when you feel bad? Fill in the blanks. Your instructor will help you spell.

    Example: I feel better when I go for a walk.

    1. I feel better when I ________________________________________.

    2. I feel better when I ________________________________________.

    3. I feel better when I ________________________________________.

    Answer Key

    Word Skills
    1 map
    2 rat
    3 nap
    4 mad
    5 cap
    6 sat
    7 fat
    8 sad
    9 dig
    10 hit
    11 wig
    12 rip
    13 fin
    14 lip
    15 rat
    16 fin
    17 nap
    18 wig
    19 sad
    20 fat
    Check Your Understanding
    1 no
    2 yes
    3 yes
    4 no
    5 no
    6 yes
    a A
    b B
    c C
    d D
    e E
    f F
    g G
    h H
    i I
    j J
    k K
    l L
    m M
    n N
    o O
    p P
    q Q
    r R
    s S
    t T
    u U
    v V
    w W
    x X
    y Y
    z Z


    See the Attributions page near the end of this book.

    This page titled 1.2: Sweetgrass is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Shantel Ivits (BCCampus) .

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