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Presente simple del indicativo

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    Formas regulares

    Práctica 8A (§8)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) We always overcome difficulties, but you never overcome them. 2) I normally convince the clients, but you never convince them. 3) I always attend the meetings you organize. 4) I do not differentiate colors, but my eyes work well. 5) I always pick up the garbage and you, in contrast, never pick it up. 6) As a manager, I lead the company where all of my family works. 7) Most of the time, I stop by the school in the afternoon to get my children. 8) You're arriving in Montevideo tomorrow? Yes, and I come back a week later. 9) Planets do not shine with their own light; stars do. 10) People learn better when they are treated well.


    Práctica 8B (§8)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) Most of the time, I stop by the school in the afternoon to get my children. 2) You're travellng to Montevideo tomorrow? 3) Planets do not shine with their own light; stars do. 4) People learn better when they are treated well. 5) This Friday we're driving to the capital. 6) Why do you listen to such a strange music? 7) What are you doing? I'm preparing dinner, what do you think? 8) In 1969, Apollo XI arrives at the Moon.

    Verbos con alteración vocálica

    Práctica 9 (§9)

    Traducción al inglés
    L: This Saturday I want to do something different. J: I don't understand, you always prefer to sleep. L: You think that, but you always go to bed after we have lunch and sleep all afternoon. J: Ha, ha. Well, it's just that I start my day very early and most of the time we go to bed too late. L: Well, I repeat: This Saturday can be different. We can go to the movies, for example. J: On Saturday I can't go because I start my new yoga classes from two to five in the afternoon. L: Oh, yes, now I remember, but don't you come back at six? Then we have some time in the evening. J: Yes, possibly... If I don't miss the bus, ha, ha. L: Perfect. Then you arrive, we eat, and then we go out. J: All right, I approve the idea, but I ask you a favor: You choose (pick) the movie. L: No, we choose it together, as usual. On Saturday morning I get the ticket on the web. J: Ok, good, we'll see what we find. How much does the movie ticket cost? L: I don't remember, does it matter?

    Verbos irregulares

    Práctica 10 (§10)

    Traducción al inglés
    Beth: I get a bit nervous because I have a terrible pronunciation. Pierre: I don't hear well what native speakers say, because they go too fast. Mitsuki: I think the teacher has to motivate us, because we're nervous about speaking. Finn: I always translate sentences mentally, and that's not good, I suppose. Lian: Most of the time, I thank (am thankful) that the teacher corrects me, because in that way I see how to improve. Chiara: I don't know if that is good, but I don't give importance to the grammar. I simpl say what I think. Leão: If I lead (sustain) a conversation for five minutes, I'm happy. Malaika: I feel a little frustrated because I get distracted easily. Yuri: The native speakers I know hear me patiently because they see I'm making the effort to speak.

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