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  • Formas del participio

    Práctica 33A (§33)


    Traducción al inglés

    1. The table is covered with dishes. Dinner is served.
    2. The young man is sitting at the table. The book is open.
    3. The door is closed, but the windows are open.
    4. We're going to read a short story written in Japan. It's about a forgotten legend.
    5. The capital of Paraguay, called Asunción, was established in 1537.
    6. I have my motorcycle out of order and all the cabs are occupied.

    7. I haven't registered for the contest yet because I haven't read the instruccions.

    Estar + participio

    Práctica 33B (§33)


    Traducción al inglés

    1. I'm going to do my homework tomorrow. → Well, mine is already done.
    2. I need to pay my bills tonight. → Mine are already paid.
    3. I'm going to write my report on Saturday. → Mine is already written.
    4. I have to solve my doubts soon. → Mine are already solved.
    5. I'm going to return the books to the library this afternoon. → Mine are already returned.
    6. I don't know when I'm going to choose my major. → Mine is already chosen.
    7. I'm going to wash my bathroom later. → Mine is already washed.

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