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  • Diptongos

    Práctica 3 (§3)


    División silábica

    Práctica (Apéndice 17:2)


    Aguda, grave, esdrújula

    Práctica 4C (§4)


    Acento diacrítico

    Práctica 4E (§4)


    Traducción al inglés
    1) I still don't know if I can travel. 2) I always ask you how you're doing, but you never answer me. 3) That's the problem with Juan: He doesn't think of me or my life. 4) I wonder where there might be a restaurant where I can buy good tea. 5) What do you have to do today? I need your company, if you have some time. 6) Our (the) grandfather says that, when he was a child, he would have more fun than we do now.
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