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Construcciones valorativas (gustar)

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    Práctica 46A (§46)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) My friends liked today's empanadas better than the cake from yesterday. 2) Professor Gómez liked the ideas I presented in my essay quite a bit. 3) Most people liked yesterday's concert a lot. 4) Did you all like the museum less than the park? 5) Doctor López liked visiting the new hospital last week. 6) Sara's brother liked meeting you at the party last Saturday a lot. 7) Did the tourists like the sculptures you showed them? 8) Most of the audience liked that movie better than the previous one.

    Otros verbos como gustar

    Práctica 46B (§46)

    Traducción al inglés
    1) My games and jokes did not bother my mother; she was very patient. 2) My friends loved the soup my father used to prepare; it was extremely tasty. 3) To my grandpa it didn't make any difference whether or not we made noise; he was almost deaf. 4) My jokes seemed horrible to my older sister; she had other interests. 5) I used to do well in most classes, but I was terrible with numbers. 6) What would make me the happiest was playing with my friends in the neighboring forest. 7) My jokes used to fascinate my friend Patricia, but I'm not sure why. 8) Nothing really worried us: we just lived the present moment.

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