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Conocer o saber

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  • Conocer vs. saber

    Práctica 29: conocer vs. saber (§29)

    Traducción al inglés

    1. Carmen knows how to play the piano and she knows many musicians. 2. We're going to get to know Cancun some day, but neither you nor I know when. 3. Do you know Dr. Vélez? 4. Nobody knows why we are this way. 5. I know several senators. 6. The nurse knows what to do in these cases. 7. We don't know what to answer, do you know? 8. Dogs know how to find anything by its scent, and they know their master. 9. It's important to know the other culture in order to know how to communicate with its people. 10. Juan doesn't know the mayor, but he knows he's honest.

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