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    Pero vs. sino

    Práctica 59 (§59)

    Traducción al inglés
    1. I didn't tell you to bring the photos, but to take them to Ana's home. 2. Working can be good for your health, but I prefer to sleep. 3. They don't mind that you go on studying, but not listening to such noisy music. 4. Cuba was important for Spain, not just politically, but also economically. 5. They don't like going to the gym, but they have to because of their health. 6. We didn't believe she would be able to make it on time, but we were waiting patiently. 7. I don't take a bath when I go out, but rather when I come back from working. 8. It's not that she would go out every day, but she did like to go out. 9. It's not that he was selfish, but he rather liked independence. 10. I didn't say there were more, but rather less than twenty million inhabitants in Uruguay.

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