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2.4: Subject Pronouns with Verb "To be" in Khmer

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    Personal Pronouns with Verb “to be”

    The word for “To be” is Jia.​​​​ However, Jia is omitted when it is used with adjective. For example, “she is beautiful” = Niang jia s’art.


    • Khnhom jia kruu-bɔng-rian. “I am a teacher.”
    • Koat jia kruu-bpeet. “He is a doctor.”
    Table 1
    Singular Pronouns and Verb “to be” Plural Pronouns and Verb “to be”
    Transliteration English Khmer Transliteration English Khmer
    Khnhom jia_. I am_. ខ្ញុំជា Neak jia_. You are_. អ្នកជា
    Neak jia_. You are_. អ្នកជា Yəəng jia_. We are_. យើងជា
    Koat jia_. He is_. គាត់ជា Bpuak-kee jia_. They are_. ពួគគេ/ពួកគាត់ជា
    Niang/Koat jia_. She is_. នាងជា      

    Listening and Reading

    Listen to following conversation and put the sentences of the conversation in the correct order.

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