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10.9.2: Check Your Understanding Questions

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    Check Your Understanding Questions

    1 .
    In what ways did nineteenth-century industrialization lead to lower death rates and longer life spans?
    2 .
    Why did child labor in factories become less common in western Europe and the United States by the end of the nineteenth century?
    3 .
    How did industrialization affect family size in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries?
    4 .
    What made nineteenth-century industrial cities so dirty?
    5 .
    What were the causes of disease in nineteenth-century industrial cities?
    6 .
    What were the advantages of city life?
    7 .
    By what means did White people in the southern United States legally force African American people to work for them after the abolition of slavery?
    8 .
    What steps led to the abolition of slavery in Brazil in 1888?
    9 .
    For what similar reasons did European and Asian emigrants move to other countries in the nineteenth century?
    10 .
    To what extent was race a factor in the treatment of immigrants by their host countries?
    11 .
    Why did the working class sometimes resent the attempts of the middle class to pass legislation intended to help them?
    12 .
    How did nineteenth-century governments and reformers try to prevent the spread of disease in the industrial city?
    13 .
    What were Samuel Smiles and Herbert Spencer’s ideas regarding the poor?

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