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4.5: Key Terms

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    an area under the control of a Muslim ruler called a caliph
    an inn funded by the state or wealthy individuals where travelers could spend the night and store their goods securely
    the system of recruiting Christian boys from the Balkans to be enslaved, converted to Islam, and trained to serve the Ottoman sultan
    a non-Muslim living under Muslim rule
    the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca
    millet system
    the system through which non-Muslim religious communities were allowed to regulate their internal affairs according to their own religious laws
    Islamic religious law
    Sultanate of Women
    the period between the tenure of Hurrem Sultan in the mid-fifteenth century and the late seventeenth century, during which wives and mothers of the sultan were able to exert political power and influence at court
    members of a large Shia sect who believe the twelfth imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi, will return, along with Jesus, to defeat evil on earth
    a class of religious clerics and scholars who act as the primary interpreters of Islamic law
    the community of Muslims

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