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10.5: Final Exercises

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    Chapter 10.4: final exercises


    exercise 1: ugly.

    Create something ugly. Take a selfie with it and show it to your class/classmates/teacher. Then try to explain the ugly thing to us.


    exercise 2: artist’s statement.

    Create an artist's statement. Use the following questions when writing about your own work throughout this semester…

    • What do you want to say about your work?

    • What’s the most important thing you have learned? What insights have you gained into the practice and art of creative writing?

    • What do you wish you had learned that you didn’t?

    • Have your goals as a writer changed? What would you write if you had the time and talent to write anything? Will you?

    • What have you learned about your writing habits?

    • Do you see yourself as part of a writing community? Do you prefer to work in isolation, focusing on the work, and reading?

    • What’s the most important thing you learned about getting and giving feedback about work in progress?

    • What techniques, authors, or exercises have been most useful to you?

    • What authors do you want to read now? Has that changed since the beginning of the semester? Why? Do you have writer role models?

    • What’s your best piece from the semester?


    exercise 3: 

    What would be the most creative way to reflect upon a creative writing semester? Whatever you think that might look like, do that for this exercise.


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