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5.13: Memo

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    Think of these like email messages on paper. In fact, email was pretty much remediated from paper memos and paper letters. Memos are general communication pieces that are in-house; a memo would go from a boss to another boss whereas a letter would go out-of-house from, let’s say, a boss of one company to the boss of another or from an employee to a customer.

    Want An Example?

    To: The Students of English 105

    From: Sybil Priebe, Associate Professor

    Date: October 18, 2011

    Subject: Introduction of me.


    It’s relatively simple: I grew up in Wahpeton, went to NDSU for my bachelor’s degree, taught high school in Minnesota, cruised back to NDSU for graduate school, and BAM, now I am here after lots of luck. I live in town after living in Fargo with my three younger siblings. They all live in Fargo.


    Honestly, I’d like to stay at NDSCS and have the opportunity to teach different classes. Eventually, I’d like to have a lake cabin, a Saint Bernard & a Great Dane, and maybe I’ll publish something really strange. In the immediate future, I plan to focus on fixing up the house we bought this summer.


    Obviously, I like teaching, and I consider it a hobby to do research on new ways to teach something. I also enjoy shopping, writing, and reading really odd literature. When I am not teaching or preparing to teach a class, I like to be running, walking, or biking = I did the Half Marathon this last May which was semi-torture.


    Walleye = ice-fishing


    Huge dogs



    Being sick

    Chapped lips

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