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2.10.1: Third Batch of Exercises

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    Exercise: Rules

    Make a list of all the rules you’ve been told about spelling and punctuation and grammar and reading and writing. Yes, we’ve been given a lot of rules, haven’t we? Okay, so, before you rip the list up, look it over and think about where those rules come from. Are any of them helpful? Which ones did you learn easily and which ones still trip you up? Conduct your own analysis of all this in a paragraph... What rules matter? What lessons are you taking away from the content in this chapter about writing and rules and subjectivity?

    Exercise: Rules

    Think of all the reading you do. Try to tally it all up – texting, email, to-do lists, homework. Estimate how many words you write weekly. Report that to your class/classmates. What are their estimates?

    Now, ask yourself: How does taking in ALL those words affect who you are as a reader?

    Exercise: Rules

    Create an exercise or activity that would assist students in reading more actively. Share that activity with your instructor. It might end up in this spot of the textbook!


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