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4.17: Additional Situations and Rules

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    You are using the same source multiple times: The first time you use the source you need to include a full footnote citation. The first footnote for each source should include all relevant information about the source: author’s full name, source title, and facts of publication. If you cite the same source again, only include the last name of the author, a shortened form of the title, and the page number you are using.

    Microsoft remove indented. Generation 1. 2. the Make Joseph Ellis, Word superscript everything (New will Founding Ellis, help style, York: Founding insert Times add Brothers , Alfred footnotes, a New period Brothers: A. Roman 87.

    after Knopf, but they the 12 The number, point.

    2000), will Revolutionary

    have 56.

    and to be make reformatted:

    the first line

    Bibliography: In the bibliography at the end of the paper, the sources are arranged alphabetically and contain more information than the footnotes provide. For example, if a source you cite has four or more authors, you use et al. in the footnote but will list all of the authors in the bibliography. The footnote should include only the page(s) you cited; the bibliography should include the full range of pages in the original work. Each citation should have a hanging indent, be alphabetized, and single-spaced.

    Websites: Include as much information as possible including the author (if available), the title of the website, the access date, and the URL.

    1. “Special Collections of the Music Division,” Library of Congress , November 15, 2010, accessed February 21, 2016, http://

    Bibliography “Special Collections of the Music Division.” Library of Congress .

    November 15, 2010. Accessed February 21, 2016. www.

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