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4.10: Additional Situations and Rules

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    APA: Additional Situations and Rules

    Basic layout: One inch margins, double-spaced, and Times New Roman 12 pt. In the header, insert a page number on the right and a shortened version of your title in all caps on the left.

    Block Quote: A direct quotation under 40 words should be enclosed within double quotation marks. If the quotation includes more than 40 words, it should be treated as a block quotation, meaning that it is displayed in a block of text without quotation marks. Indent this passage 1/2 an inch. ( For an example, see page 40 .)

    Indirect Source : You want to quote someone who is being quoted within one of your sources. Give credit to the original writer/source in your signal phrase, but identify the actual source you consulted in your in-text citation.

    • In her analysis of online culture, Frost argues that “cybersecurity will become a constant threat” (as cited in Jones, 2015, p. 3).

    Multiple Authors: APA lists up to two author last names in a citation. When a source contains three to five authors, use all author last names the first time, and subsequent citations should use the first author’s name followed by et al. (Latin for “and others”). When six or more authors are listed, use the first author’s name and et al. every time.

    • Two authors: (Hamilton & Lafayette, 2016)
    • Three to five authors: (Adams, Burr & Li, 2016) then (Adams et al., 2016)
    • Six or more authors: (Jefferson et al., 2013)

    Paraphrasing: APA encourages you to include a page number not only when you quote directly, but also when you put information in your own words. Sometimes when summarizing an entire work a page number isn’t necessary.

    • College students suffered from ice cream headaches at a higher percentage than the population at large (Tyrell, 2015, p. 4).
    • According to one source, community college is a cost-efficient option for many students (Smith, 2012).

    For additional help with APA, visit The Bridge in Ohm 207 or the Citation Guide

    This page titled 4.10: Additional Situations and Rules is shared under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Frost & Samra et al..

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