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8.7: Study Skills- Taking Tests

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    At some point in your studies, you will be asked to write a test. Many students dislike tests, but most also recognize the importance of tests. Tests show your instructor that you have understood the course, and they show you where you are still having difficulties.


    Strategies for Taking Tests

    Before the test

    • Find out as much as you can about the test. Where will it be? How long will it be? What will be covered? What kinds of questions will you get? Do you have to answer all questions, or will you have a choice? Will you be able to take any material into the test with you?
    • Make a plan for studying. It is better to study for a test in several shorter chunks than all in one long study session. Plan to look at your material at intervals before the test.
    • Try to guess what you might be asked. What topics have been important in the course? Are there certain topics that you have spent a lot of time on? There is a good chance that these will be on the test.
    • Study actively. Don’t just read your class material. Test yourself. You may find it helpful to get together with a classmate and ask each other questions.


    During the test

    • Look at the entire test before you start writing. Make a rough plan for how you will use your time. Don’t spend a lot of time on a question that is not worth many points.
    • If you can, start with an easy question first. This will give you confidence. Then, tackle a difficult one to get it out of the way. The rest of the test should be straightforward after that.
    • Allow yourself a few minutes to check your answers.


    Think about It

    Think about a test you have taken recently. Answer these questions.

    1.      How did you feel before the test: confident, nervous, or something else?



    2.      What strategies did you use to prepare for the test and in the test? What worked well? What might you do differently next time?



    3.      After the test, did you feel you had done as well as possible? Did you wish the test had gone differently? What can you learn from the experience?



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