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4.7: A&W Business Sign (Painting on Plywood)

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    A&W Troll Sign A&W Business Sign (Painting on Plywood)
    Patricia Edmundson, c.1984
    Plywood, paint
    Gift of Ralph & Darlene Richardson
    MHAHS 1999.098.0014

    Trolls in Pat Edmundson’s signs, like this one for the local A&W Restaurant, were humorous reminders of the community’s Norwegian identity. In this sign, a troll balances on a long horizontal hot dog with a vanilla ice cream cone precariously perched at the tip of his pointed shoe. A bowl of salad is poised on the other upturned foot and a burger and a glass of A&W Root Beer rest in his hands. The troll sports the iconic orange A&W sweater. Edmundson here links a national brand of fast food with her unique, magical, fun-loving figures.

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