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2: Conversation

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    All kidding aside
    Beat around the bush
    Bend someone’s ear
    Butt in
    Butter someone up
    Clam up
    Clear the air
    Clown around
    Get a word in edgewise
    Gift of gab
    Give someone a ring
    Give someone a song and dance
    Heart to heart
    Hit the nail on the head
    Hold one’s tongue
    Lend someone an ear
    Make a long story short
    Make a mountain out of a molehill
    On the tip of one’s tongue
    Pass the buck
    Pick someone’s brain
    Pull rank
    Pull strings
    Pull the rug out from under someone
    Pull the wool over someone’s eyes
    Put someone on the spot
    Say a mouthful
    See eye to eye
    Shoot the breeze
    Spill the beans
    Spring something on someone
    Stand one’s ground
    Stick one’s nose in
    Straight from the horse’s mouth
    Stretch the truth
    String someone along
    Talk a blue streak
    Talk turkey
    Turn a deaf ear
    Wing it

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