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3: Emotions/Feelings

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    Success and Happiness

    Blue-blood Blue ribbon
    Carry a torch for someone
    Charmed life, lead a Cream of the crop
    Dressed to kill
    Footloose and fancy-free
    Go to town
    Gravy train
    Have/got it made
    Head over heels in love
    In the chips/money
    In the pink
    Keep up with the Joneses
    Lap of luxury, live in the
    Life of Riley
    Midas touch
    On cloud nine
    Pop the question
    Roll out the red carpet
    Seventh heaven, in
    Sitting pretty
    Strike it rich
    Sweep someone off his/her feet
    Through thick and thin
    Tickle someone’s fancy
    Tickled pink
    Tie the knot
    Top of the line, the
    Upper crust
    With flying colors

    Anger/Being Upset

    At the end of one’s rope
    At loggerheads
    Ax to grind
    Blow off steam
    Boiling point
    Chew someone out
    Fly off the handle
    Get up on the wrong side of the bed
    Get someone’s dander/hackles up
    Give someone a hard time
    Give someone a piece of one’s mind
    Give someone a taste of his own medicine
    Go bananas
    Hopping mad
    Hot under the collar
    Lose one’s cool
    On the warpath
    Put one’s foot down
    Put the squeeze/screws on/to
    Speak one’s mind

    Ill Health

    Black and blue
    Burned out
    Down and out
    Fall off the wagon
    Go to pot
    Go to seed
    Go to the dogs
    Know if one is coming or going, not
    Look/feel like death warmed over
    Off one’s rocker
    On one’s last legs
    Under the weather

    Negative Situations

    In a bind In a jam
    In a rut
    In Dutch
    In hot water
    In over one’s head
    In the doghouse

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