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5.7: Lesson Five Conclusion

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  • And... that's the five lesson induction course.

    This series of five lessons is meant to be the start of something, not the end. We honed these lessons down to the bare minimum with the idea that from here on out you could choose your own adventure.

    We hope to roll out future lessons each month on the following subjects. Check back back here; we'll link them as they become available.

    • General practice sets with discussion (lots more)
    • Medical misinformation
    • Effective correction of misinformation
    • Culture wars and foreign actors
    • Credibility signals for professional organizations
    • Sourcing and verifying statistics
    • Sponsored content, chumboxes, and syndication
    • Algorithmic bias, data voids, and personalization
    • Misinformation around the world
    • Strange weather
    • Checking video
    • Credibility signals on Twitter and Instagram
    • Alternative search engines
    • Conspiracies, real and mostly not
    • Verifying academic expertise
    • Corporate disinformation
    • Organizational credibility signals for reporters
    • Climate change: mis-, dis-, and mal-information
    • Marginalized communities and coverage gaps
    • Front groups, astroturf, and authenticity
    • Hoaxes and hacks on TikTok
    • Trolling, harassment, and positive liberty
    • Fake history and bogus quotes
    • Meme-checking (and the problem of meaning)

    If you want us to tackle one of these first, let us know! And if you have a subject not mentioned that you would like to see, let us know that too! At our current level of resources, we hope to put out a new thirty minute lesson every three or four weeks.

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